Halle Berry Reveals She Had Her First Orgasm At Age 11, Explains How It Happened (Video)

World renowned actress, Halle Berry has revealed the first time she had an orgasm. According to her, it was when she was 11 years old.

She made this revelation as she recalled the first time she explored her sexuality.

The actress, 54, and her friend, Lindsay Flores, were asked a series of sex-related questions for their Bad & Booshy series on Instagram.

Recalling her first experience of self-pleasure, she said: “I remember my first orgasm… I did it to myself.”

Lindsay asked how old she was and Halle replied: “11…really.”

She continued: “I was diddling. I was figuring out my sexuality, like most girls.”

When Lindsay struggled to recall the first time she experienced an orgasm, Halle said: “I feel bad for you!”

The video comes after Halle confirmed her relationship with Van Hunt.

Watch the video below:


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