Governor Hope Uzodinma Inspects Imo State Prisons And Imo Police Command

Imo State Governor Hope Uzodimma has condemned the recent attack on Imo state Police Command and Correctional Center carried out yesterday by yet to be identified gunmen, saying that the intention was to put fear in the people and make them vulnerable.

In a press conference earlier today at the scene of the incident, Gov Hope Uzodimma said “this unfortunate tragedy can only be condemned by every reasonable mind, the intension was to put fear into our people and make them vulnerable, I can assure you that my goverment working with security agencies shall rise to the occasion to get to the end of the matter, I have already commissioned a detailed investigation into this incident in a bid to finding out the perpetrators and masterminders of this ugly incident, luckily for us no life was lost.

Gov. Hope Uzodimma assured Imo people that his government is doing everything possible to ensure that the dastardly incident never repeat itself again “our security agencies are now prepared more than ever and proactive to ensure that no repeat of the ugly incident, the primary purpose of goverment is to protect lives and properties, no reasonable goverment will seat back and watch this kind of incident happen without taking action”.

Gov Hope Uzodimma said it is time to get the people to think alright as gangerism does no one any good other than destruction.

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