See Three Things You Must Do If You Want Your Child To Become Mathematics Guru (Photos)

Mathematics is one of the most important subject your child have to understand if you want her to perform excellently well in school. Mathematics is very simple for some students, meanwhile it is the hardest subject ever some students, some students take mathematics to be very difficult because they don' t understand what they are being taught in class and whenever they are given assignments or test to write, they perform very poor. If you are a parent reading this article, and your child have been performing very poor in mathematics, then God brought you here, just read this article patiently till the end and I believe you learn something thing new because I will be sharing with you 3 things you need to do if you want your child to be a genius in mathematics, read below.

1. Organise an extra moral class for your kid.

If your child does not understand what he or she have being taught in school, it is because the teacher is not very good at teaching them to their understanding, but some students don' t understand what they are being taught in class not because their teacher is not good enough, but because they don' t like that teacher, and they will end up not paying attention in class while their teacher is teaching. In other to be at the safe side and if you want your child to know mathematics very well, you have to organise an extra moral class for them after school, by so doing, your children will stand the chance of learning one particular topic twice, one at school and one at home and they will have a better understanding of anything concerning mathematics which will make them perform better than before.

2. At the end of each day' s study give them nothing less than 5 exercises to solve.

Whenever your child is done with his or her daily study, give them nothing less than five different exercises to solve from that particular topic they studied for that day, and when they are done solving these exercises, go through them and make all the necessary corrections and if they don' t understand what they were actually studying then you have to explain it better for them in way they will understand very well.

3. Buy every learning material that is needed to aid the learning of mathematics faster for them, materials like, calculator, a maths set, graph book and jotter that they will be using to do rough calculations when ever they are solving problems. Take that responsibility of teaching your children mathematics every day even if you are not their teacher, but if you don' t know mathematics then you should organise a class for them as stated in number one opinion above.

By Thommy Zone

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