BBNaija: Angel Weeps As She Recounts Past Guilt

Angel, a Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, broke down in tears at the garden as she recounted past experiences that made her guilty and sad.

Arin was there to console her and encourage her through it all, as she (Arin) was close to tears too.

In her mood swing, Angel recounts how badly she treated her great grandmother when she was young and blamed herself for the old woman’s death.

Arin consoled her, “You can cry and it’s okay to feel this way but you can’t give up on yourself. It’s supposed to be tough in this way.”

“I feel so bad for myself because of something I did. I feel that it’s because of how I treated my great granny that’s why God took her from me,” Angel cried.

Arin told her, “Angel, you were ten. How could you have treated her? What could you have done? I don’t understand. You yelled at her when she pooped on herself, okay?”

Still wallowing in guilt, Angel said, “I feel so guilty. Maybe because I’m older now, and I have more awareness, so I just ask myself, ‘Why did you do that?’ ‘Why were you lashing out so bad?’

“I know you want to make up for it but because she is dead now, you’re feeling that guilt. You actually have to forgive yourself and I don’t think you can do it on your own because this is not something that occured in a silo and it’s okay to feel this way,’” Arin said.

Arin then recounted all that Angel told her, stating that Angel had gone through issues that people twice her age haven’t experienced.

Arin said, “Your mum tried to abort you, then she had you. Then you took care of your great grand ma when she had dementia, you were depressed, you were suicidal, your first and only boyfriend died.”

Angel them said she has spent all her life fighting but Arin assured her that someday, the issues of her life can be used as a movie, encouraging Angel that she’s one of the strongest person she (Arin) has met.

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