Italian Man Shoots Nigerian Wife For Filing Divorce Following Three-Year Marriage

Reports gathered that a 61-year-old Italian man, Pierangelo Pellizzar, has purportedly shot dead his 31-year-old Nigerian spouse, Amenze Rita, in Italy.  It was accounted for that Rita petitioned for legal separation which infuriated her disenthralled spouse to complete the appalling demonstration of killing her.

Rita was killed before her associates in the parking garage of Mf Mushroom, an organization where she chipped away at Friday morning, in Noventa Vicentina. It was assembled that the suspect, Pellizzar waylaid laid his irritated spouse at about 7:30am and shot her multiple times, until life was left her. 

Subsequent to killing Rita, he purportedly got away from the crime location riding a dim Cherokee Jeep which was subsequently found deserted at his sibling's home. 

Nonetheless, the carabinieri are at present looking for the suspect, who was purportedly supposed to be furnished and perilous. 

Italian columnists are revealing that Rita was killed in light of the fact that she petitioned for a separation after she got back from Nigeria seven days prior. It was additionally accumulated that late Rita showed up in Italy in 2017 through Libya and got hitched to the Italian man in 2018.

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