Student Got Heart Broken As Parents Failed To Honor His Graduation Ceremony

A young Chilean student hoped to celebrate his graduation ceremony together with his dad and mom present, however he got dissatisfied as they failed to attend.


The student of La Concepcion College San Jose del Monte Bulacan, bagged a Bachelor of Science in Criminology diploma.

However, a moment that became so priceless which he notion might be witnessed via his mothers and fathers did now not flip out as predicted and it left him devastated.

He fought again tears that had been building in his eyes as he scanned the Philippine International Convention Center, venue of the rite for his human beings but they were nowhere to be located.

A professor, who has been hosting him at the same time as studying at the university, determined to walk with him to the stage to as a manner of imparting moral guide.

Speaking on the incident, the scholar stated; “One of my other professors standing there on stagw looking forward to me and gave me a hug. While that few seconds took a number of my disappointment away, nonetheless I ended up crying in front of every body.”

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