562 Nigerien Beggars Deported By Ghanaian Government (PHOTOS)

Ghanaian government has effectively deported Nigerien beggars clustering the city of Accra.

Nigeriens Beggars

The bringing home of 562 beggars, which comprised of women and children, was facilitated with the assistance of the consulate of Niger in Ghana.

It was reported that, the exercises of the beggars in the city of Accra have for a long time involved public concern.

The public authority of Ghana has teamed up with the consulate of Niger in Accra to localize 562 beggars to Niamey with plans to send back considerably more unlawful travelers.

The hobos, who showed up in Ghana without legitimate reports, were much of the time found in enormous numbers in the city of Accra. Their presence has for a long time involved public concern.

According to BBC Hausa's Facebook Page post on the June 8th, 2022 which say;

The first plane from Ghana conveying 562 Nigeriens arrived in Yamai city today Wednesday," BBC Hausa's Facebook post declared.

As per reports, the Nigerien Embassy in Accra had uncovered beforehand that it was working with the public authority of Ghana to launch the cycle to localize the beggars.

One Ghana Web report demonstrates that the representative for Nigerien Embassy, Abdallah Mohamed Hassan, told Accra FM as of late that through the organization with the public authority of Ghana, thousands of poor people comprised of women and children, both young and old, had been prepared for bringing home.

The extraditions, as indicated by the representative, has become important to freed the roads of Accra of the begging irritation.

He added that all people who will be localized will be properly taken care of, by the Nigerien government and given a few skills to assist them with earning a good living.

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