"All Man Just De Use Him Power Anyhow" Rudeboy Criticizes Nigerian Minister Of Sports Over Female B-ball Team Withdrawal From World Cup

Popular Nigerian music artist, Paul Okoye of P-Squar has taken to his official Instagram page to criticize the Nigerian minister of sports after his activities cost the Nigerian female b-ball team to withdraw from the world cup.


Responding to the news about the withdrawal  of the team, Paul Okoye took to his Instagram story where he criticized and condemned the minister sports for using his power as a civil servant to  hinder the visions of our female players.

This corruption is escaping hands!! can't someone ask the minister for what reason our Nigeria basketball female team won't go for the World Cup? Tufiakwa!! Defilement at its pinnacle. Individual Nigerians!! Get your PVC. Minister of youths and sports my ass… So a minister thinks he has the ability to strongly pull out an entire team representing our country in a world cup? All man just dey use him power anyhow.

Recall that the Nigerian female b-ball team withdrawal from the world cup after Buhari, the president of Nigeria restricted the country from partaking in a world cup basketball contest until next two years. The International Basketball Federation has since taken steps to sanction Nigeria for the sudden withdrawal of female team.

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