Having A Big Bumbum Doesn't Keep A Man - Actress Anita Joseph Crys Out (PHOTOS)

Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph, has given her commitment on the web-based banter about butty upgrade medical procedures following the passing of a Port Harcourt young lady who kicked the bucket after a messed up plastic medical procedure in Lagos,The young woman recognized as Christabel supposedly passed on at the emergency clinic in Lagos a few days back following a bungled plastic medical procedure.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Anita encouraged women to adore their bodies simply how they are.

She added that having a large butty can't keep a man, and that women with little butts are likewise winning.

She Wrote saying;

To make sure you know BIG BUMBUM can not keep a man. Be you simply how you are, after all women with little bum are as yet winning, then if I'm not mistaken shalom. It's a 50/50 possibility it's for the most part present on the web go read. Becareful so you don't cause pointless complexities for yourselves.


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