Kenyan Police Sends Strong Warning Against Those Sharing Viral Video Of A Minor Smocking Marijuana, Endorsing Wajackoyah

The National Police Service (NPS) has given an admonition following a viral video making rounds on different social media platforms - showing a minor smoking the banned medication cannabis while endorsing Roots presidential candidate George Wajackoyah.

Through a proclamation dated Thursday, June 30, the policemen have expressed that Kenyans spreading and sharing the clasp are likewise taking part in the infringement of the law.

They added that spreading the clasp further abuses the privileges of the minor who was recorded partaking in weed.


"Those spreading the clasp are likewise abetting the infringement of the law and privileges of the minor, and ought to quit it from the ahead transmission of the equivalent," their assertion read to some extent.

As per their assertion, the youngster is accepted to have been affected by the continuous political discussion with respect to the sanctioning of weed in the country.

"The language utilized in the clasp appears to affirm this doubt, considering that reference is made to a philosophy proliferated by a segment of the continuous governmental issues.

Also, of intense concern is the way that the demonstration and its shooting is by all accounts done by either a grown-up or grown-ups, all unperturbed by the thing is coming to pass. This isn't just off-base and improper, and encroaching on privileges of a minor by grown-ups, yet comprehensively criminal and deserving of regulation," the police proclamation read to some degree.

Following the occurrence, police have reported a crackdown to clear out Kenyans who are disregarding the law by utilizing that prohibited medication.

As we keep on instructing the general population on the adverse consequence of maltreatment of unlawful substances on one hand, and furthermore as we increase our reconnaissance and authorization crusades against drugs and unlawful substances," NPS kept up with.

While declaring his official bid, Wajackoyah safeguarded the designs to sanction the utilization of Marijuana attributable to its restorative worth to Kenyans. The law researcher further repeated that its authorization will likewise assist the country with paying its obligation.

"Our business will be to establish weed and product it to the individuals who use it outside Kenya. This will empower us get income which we can use to foster our nation monetarily," Wajackoyah commented.

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