Missing Abuja Farmer's Body Found Dumped Inside A Nearby Well After His Murder (WATCH VIDEO)

One Abuja farmer recognized as Hussaini Aliyu Takuma has been found dead subsequent to his disappearance.

It was gathered that the young Abuja farmer disappeared from his farm last Thursday, June 9, however after an exhaustive hunt, he was found killed and tossed into a well close to his farmland.

Information discovered that he was tracked down in a well near his farm by police during the search of his where about in Jeda town Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

A source who witnessed the incident revealed that the departed's laborers took 36 sheep and six goats from his farm in the wake of killing him.

The source said that, the men working in his farm for an obscure explanation ended his life and tossed his body in a well. His whereabouts were obscure until police agents found his body in the well. 


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