Fresh Attack; 36 People Abducted In New Millennium City, Kaduna State

About 36 people have been reportedly abducted by bandits who in their enormous number attacked the Keke area of New Millennium City, in Chikun Local Government Area of the Kaduna State, North-West Nigeria.

Reports gathered that the incidence occurred around as at 8pm and 9pm on Monday night when numerous residents were all coming back to their homes from their various working places and businesses.

A resident, who argued obscurity said the bandits sent off their assault during the downpour, with a large number of the resident ignorant in light of the deluge. He expressed a large portion of individuals kidnapped were simply getting back during the assault and they just ran into the fear mongers.

Another resident of the area, who likewise argued obscurity let know that, the bandits worked unchallenged, moving from one house to another and breaking into homes to kidnap their victims.

He said they came in their enormous numbers, shooting irregularly and they broke walls to get entrance into individuals' homes consistently and kidnapped the tenants however a portion of individuals got away.

Communities in the New Millennium City have gone under comparable attack over the most recent two months.

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