LASTMA and Driver; Magistrate's Courts Remands Danfo Driver For Attacking LASTMA Officials With Defecations

Commercial driver popularly called 'danfo' was on Thursday, remanded at the Potoki Custodial Center in the Obafemi-Owode area of Ogun State by a Magistrate's court for supposedly attacking authorities of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) with defecations.

The driver was hauled to the court after he purportedly stripped naked and attacked the LASTMA authorities while attempting to keep them from holding onto his vehicle for driving against traffic.

The representative for the traffic organization, Olumide Filade, who affirmed the turn of events, revealed that the suspect who was captured on July 4 and summoned under the watch of a Magistrate's s court, was remanded till August 2022.

According to LASTMA spokesperson, Filade, He said;

The driver has been charged at a Magistrate's court, where he was approached to be remanded at the Potoki Custodial Center until August when his case would come up once more.

He went after authorities of the organization with defecation and kept them from completing their authentic obligations.

This just demonstrates that the law won't spare any violator, but rowdy you are. All LASTMA is advocating, is willful compliance," Filade said.

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