Nollywood Actor Aguba Kenneth, Seen Homeless In Enugu State

Actor Kenneth Aguba, allegedly seen living in the street in Enugu state.

The Nollywood veteran was seen living in an open space outside a compartment shop and Nigerians raises alarm.

Photographs which surfaced on the web showed Aguba sitting with what was left of his assets in the make shift outside convenience where is said to have been residing for at some point.

A social media user, named Benjamin expressed: 

He has been destitute since.

Nollywood is a wreck. I know this man since my young life, he fixes umbrella for individuals. At the point when they have a film shoot , they will come and pick him on the lookout and use him.

After each shooting, they pay him a token of  N2000. He use to engage us at whatever point he comes to our shop, he is so entertaining and he makes quip.

He use to let us know all his behind the scene experience and he said now and again, they use to give him just food subsequent to acting.

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