Ryan Giggs Man. United Ex-player Charged To Court For Headbutting Ex-girlfriend, Kate Greville

Manchester United ex-player, Ryan Giggs has been charged to court for headbutting his ex, Kate Greville.

Ms Greville asserted the Manchester United legend viciously headbutted her in the face which left her dying.

The case which started on Monday is being heard at Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court.

As per Express, the occurrence happened right around quite a while back on November 1, 2020, when Greville and Giggs were along with their companions at the Stock Exchange Hotel in Manchester.

"He came at me from no place and headbutted me right in front of me. I was in shock. I fell in reverse, my lip right away expanded. I put my hands over my mouth and I could taste the blood," Greville told the court.

Opening for the indictment, Peter Wright QC let the court know that, "This is an account of control and compulsion". The connection among Greville and Giggs - who denies every one of the charges against him - was "accentuated by demonstrations of brutality and unpredictability", said Wright.

The 48-year-old Welsh football trainer who was known for class and poise on the football pitch during his playing time has been blamed for genuine substantial damage and coercive control.

Giggs' previous accomplice says he "needed sex constantly," and would call "up to multiple times, an hour " and had relationship"with eight different ladies" as the court heard how he "flipped" and "hauled" her out of hotel naked.

"He said he was done with me and believed nothing should do with me any longer. I knew all that he had been doing [cheating] and I had the confirmation unexpectedly. I was annoyed with that point so I proclaimed it," Greville added.

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